Trip Reports

September 30, 2013

Trip 26 (9/23-29) 6-Day Tuna/Yellowtail

It was a good 6-day trip starting with quality BFT up to 145 lbs and weather made us move down where we had a day on a couple kelps with action fighting and ended up with a few nice Yellowfin and Dodos. The next couple of days we stayed in calm weather on the great […]

September 16, 2013

Trip 24 (9/11-9/15/13) 4-DAY TUNA

Another 4 days of TUNA this season brought a mix of 40-lb class BFT, YFT up to 40 lbs (WIDE OPEN at times), and some Dodos for color. The weather was bumpy in the middle but turned very nice the last day. We had a couple of the BFT for dinner and all I can […]

September 16, 2013

Trip 23 (9/7-9/11/13) Lage Charter

As always, the Lage Family and Friends Charter was great fun. We battled YFT, BFT, Dorado, &YT. The trip finished up with an EXCELLENT BFT stop up to 58.8 lbs. Thanks always to Bob Lage, chartermaster extraordinaire! Jackpot winners were Dan Kolb with a 58.8 -lb BFT, Jason Politte took 2nd with a 45.2-lber, and […]

September 9, 2013

Trip 22 (9/1-9/7/13) 6-Day TUNA

Nice 6 day–we saw wide-open school fishing. Good pick at BFT up to 89 lbs., YFT to 36 lbs, and YT up to 38 lbs., and Dorado for color, and even a few stories of GIANT BFTs. Good weather. Jackpot winners were Bruce Essex with a 89.4-lb BFT, 2nd place to Byron Cloar with a […]

September 1, 2013

Trip 21 3-Day (8/29-9/1/13)

Our Labor Day 3-Day saw lots of Action Fishing–Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Dorado. Steady fishing both days and finished with 2 wide open stops on mixed Tuna. Jackpots were Todd Wallace in 1st with a 53-lb Escolar; Brian Miyazaki in 2nd with a nice 44-lb BFT; Dave McDaniel brought in a 3rd place 39.6 BFT.

August 29, 2013

Trip 20 (8/25-38/2013) 3-Day Tuna

After a few days of slow Bluefin fishing, they came up in a BIG WAY! We had a 7-hour drift with the 35- to 60-lbers biting. Sweet exhaustion for all. Jackpot winners: Richard Harrison come in 1st with a 63-lb Bluefin Tuna; Adam Walton was close behind with a 62.6-lbers, and rounding out 3rd was […]

August 29, 2013

Trip 18 (8/18-21/2013) 3-Day Tuna

Although we didn’t get large numbers of fish, we did get some quality ones. The highlight was one of those memorable stops for 3 hours of BIG BFT 30- to 70-lbers. Jackpot winners: Scott Schell w/ 73.8-lb BFT; Steve Owens with 71.2-lbers; and Robert Davies with a nice 70.4-lbs Scott Schell took 1st place with […]

August 19, 2013

Trip 17 (9/13-9/18/13) 5 Fish Filled Days!!

It was 5 days of awesome action on Bluefin up to 71 lbs; Yellowfin up to 36 lbs, and quality Yellowtail. Great weather, great fishing, great people–can’t ask for anything more! Jackpot winners: 1st place went to John Leahy with a whopping 71.2-lb BFT, Jim Pea was in 2nd place with a 70.8-lber, and Dave […]

August 7, 2013

Trip 13-13 ((8/1/13-8/4/13) Ya Never Know (Rick Glass)

Trip 13 Ya Never Know (Rick Glass) charter was tons of fun as always. Rick with his 61.4-lber.

August 7, 2013

Trip 12-13 (7/29-8/1/13)

Trip 12 was a lot of fun for all. Jackpot winners were: Peter Lim  with a 68.2-lb BFT, Thomas Magsaysay with a 66.8-lber, and not far behind was Michael Doi with a 66.4-lber.