Trip Reports

June 10, 2016

 Trip 1-16 (5/27-5/29/16)

  Our first 2-day of the season, with Captain Cameron at the helm, brought some luck to the ladies aboard with a nice catch of quality Yellowtail and awesome Bluefin. Flat, calm seas were enjoyed by all.

December 16, 2015

Trip 33-15 (10/31/15-11/9/15) 9-Day Phenix Ltd Load 21

This year’s Phenix sponsored 9-day trip saw Wahoo fishing early on with everyone getting lucky on 1st day of fishing. Next onto the big girls and we found some. Congrats to Steve Mason on his Super Cow 303.6-lb Yellowfin and to Bryan Romine on his awesome 283.8-lber. Finished up with some fun Yellowtail and school Tuna. […]

November 11, 2015

Trip 32-15 (10/19/15-10/29/15) 10-Day San Diego Anglers Ltd Load 16

Always amazing trip with the San Diego Anglers going for variety and fun. Some great Wahoo for all topped off by some Yellowtail and Dorado. Thanks so much to Dwayne and Debbie Patenaude, we love you! Jackpot for Wahoo went to Doc Bob McKittrick with a nice 52.5-lber; Tim MaCauley took the Yellowtail JP with a […]

November 2, 2015

Trip 31-15 (10/10/15-10/18/15) 8-Day JRI Lures/GET SOME Ltd Load

Epic WAHOO action for every angler combined with wide open night bite on Yellowtail made this year’s trip one to remember. Thanks so much to John Jordan and Jeff “Cool Tuna” Squires for bringing all the great swag. Jackpot was a 2-way split for 1st with Jeff Row and Richard Conrad and their 50.4-lb Wahoo, […]

October 21, 2015

Trip 30-15 (10/3/15-10/10/15) 7-Day Tuna

Good weather and great WAHOO action for every angler sandwiched by Yellowtail fun and a few Yellowfin to boot. Jackpot was Dylan Palmer making a comeback in 1st place with a  50.5.-lb. Wahoo,  2nd place went to Randy Potts with a 48-lb Wahoo, and Peter Bromley came in a close 3rd with his 47.6-lber. YFT took 3rd.

October 12, 2015

Trip 29-15 (9/27/15-10/3/15) 6-Day Tuna

Great Yellowtail fishing and slow scratch at Yellowfin and a few Dodos and Wahoo. Tough weather on the last part of the trip hampered our offshore fishing but we did have great weather for most of the trip. Always nice having the Oceanside Seniors Anglers on board and look forward to again next year. Jackpot was […]

October 6, 2015

Trip 28-15 (9/24/15-9/27/15) 3-Day Tuna

Great Weather and tons of action. Lots of Yellows and some Bluefin as well as a few Yellowfin. Fagner group always has fun to go with their sore arms. Jackpot winners were Mark Madole with his 27.4-lb Yellowfin (taking home the annual trophy this year) and Ken Reeser with a 25.4-lb Yellowtail. –

September 27, 2015

Trip 26-15 (9/16/15-9/20/15) 4-Day Tuna

Wide open YT, scratch to get our YFT. Just a few Wahoo made for a nice catch. We managed the weather to keep it nice. Jackpot 1st place Robert Conley with 45.8-lb 45.8 lb. Yellowfin, 2nd place was Scott McKinney  with a 29.2 lb. Yellowfin and and his Wahoo and then 28.6 lb.-Yellowfin Tuna for 3rd place to Robert […]

September 27, 2015

Trip 25-15 Lage Family Charter (9/12/15-9/16/15)

Amazing to think that the Lage Family celebrated their 25th charter on the Vagabond.  Limits of BFT and limits of fun, along with some YFT and Yellows. We can’t thank Poppa enough for sharing his wonderful family time with us out on the water.

September 17, 2015

Trip 24-15 (5-Day Limited Load Phenix) 9/7/15-9/12/15

Great pics posted on our Facebook, check it out! Jackpot winners were Brian Corp, Steve Howard, and of course, Frank Rowe again. But this time Frank ended up with 3rd place. 1st place – 29.8-lb. Yellowfin Tuna, 2nd 28.4-lb YFT, and Frank’s 27.4 lber.