Trip Reports

August 16, 2016

Trip 14 7/28-7/31/16  3-Day Tuna

Left port with a nice group of passengers and picked up a beautiful load of bait under a sunny, calm sea. We found some school BFT just a few hours out and we decided to stay the night and see if they would bite in the morning. Daylight brought only a couple of fish so we moved to a different area and […]

August 2, 2016

Trip 13 7/24-7/27/16  2.5-Day Tuna

With a great group of Vagabond regulars along with some new faces onboard we took advantage of our fantastic weather window and opted to spend our trip off shore. Both days we were fortunate enough to have steady action on 15-18 pound yellow fin and the occasional kelp fish. Very encouraging sign offshore to say […]

July 30, 2016

Trip 12 (7/20-7/24/16) 4-Day Jan Ishii Charter

Always a pleasure to have the Jan Ishii Charter aboard. In Jan’s honor we chased those big Bluefin for 2 days and captured 2 of them, a 65-lber for Randy Kanemaki and a 58-lber for Don Cox. Spent our last fishing for Yellowtail despite the South Wind we had fair action. Scott Piepmeyer picked up […]

July 23, 2016

Trip 10 (7/12-7/17/16) 5-Day Tuna / Yellowtail Beauchamp

The Beauchamp 5-day was a fun trip for great Island fishing topped by Jim Bostian’s 40-lb Yellowtail. We had enough good grade Yellows to keep you on your game, lots of action. Fishing offshore was tougher but we scratched at school YFT in the 10- to 18-lb class, plenty around, hope they start chewing our baits soon. Excellent […]

July 19, 2016

Trip 8 (7/7-7/10/16) 3-Day Tuna / Yellowtail

Heck of a 1.5 Day trip. Fun day chasing foamers of good grade BFT in good weather. The Yellowfin are starting to show up and kelps are starting to kick out some 12-25-lb Yellowtail and Dorado. Fishing is on a upswing! Jackpot went to Rodney Fish and his 74-lb Bluefin.

July 14, 2016

Trip 8 (7/7-7/10/16) 3-Day Tuna / Yellowtail

Back in from a 3-day trip with a happy group. Got a nice mix of fish with Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, and DoDos as well as one nice Bluefin Tuna – James Thomas was very happy with his first ever BlueFin, tipping the scales at 66 lbs- not a bad way to start out. The jackpot was […]

July 11, 2016

Trip 4 (6/23-6/26/16) 3-Day Tuna / Yellowtail

Hunted around for those Bluefin but they did not know what they wanted to do, bite or just swim around and tease us some. We did manage to put together an OK catch. Jackpot Winners – Frank Rowe took 1st with a 69-lb BlueFin and 2nd place went to Huy Truong got a 34lb-lber.

June 27, 2016

Trip 2 (6/4-6/9/16) Tuna / Yellowtail Baja Island ONE COOL TUNA & JJ, Getsome 5-Day

Always a favorite starter trip to our long-range season, the ONE COOL TUNA & JJ GetSome 5-day was fun. We started off trying for a shot at the big BlueFin Tuna in U.S.waters but that proved to be tough with all the locals and the fish not wanting to play we moved on down the coast the next […]

June 10, 2016

 Trip 1-16 (5/27-5/29/16)

  Our first 2-day of the season, with Captain Cameron at the helm, brought some luck to the ladies aboard with a nice catch of quality Yellowtail and awesome Bluefin. Flat, calm seas were enjoyed by all.

October 6, 2015

Trip 28-15 (9/24/15-9/27/15) 3-Day Tuna

Great Weather and tons of action. Lots of Yellows and some Bluefin as well as a few Yellowfin. Fagner group always has fun to go with their sore arms. Jackpot winners were Mark Madole with his 27.4-lb Yellowfin (taking home the annual trophy this year) and Ken Reeser with a 25.4-lb Yellowtail. –