Trip Reports

August 21, 2015

Trip 17-15 (3-day) 8/13-16/15

Another great trip! Opposite of last trip, we started fast with both BFT and YFT and scratched toward the end of the trip! Still good weather with nice temperature also put together a good catch of mixed tuna. Jackpot: Daryl Smith was the winner with a 39.4lb Bluefin Tuna and John Bounds with a 34.7lb Yellowfin […]

August 17, 2015

Trip 16-15 (3-day) 8/9-12/15

Good weather and from pick to wide open fishing, we put together a nice mixed catch of quality tuna in the 30-40 lb class. Average numbers. Not to mention a real nice group of fishermen. Fun for all! Jackpots went to Gary Lett in 1st with a 44-lb BLUEFIN tuna and Luke McLachlan in 2nd with […]

August 13, 2015

Trip 15-15(8/6-9/15)

Excellent passengers. Good times all around with some fun Bluefin tuna fishing. Jackpots went to Chuck Kerman in 1st with a 42.4 lb Bluefin and Mark Judson and Charles Petit in 2nd with 40.2 lbers.

August 7, 2015

Trip 14–3 Days (8/3-8/6/15)

Stayed close for Bluefin and better weather. Didn’t get the lucky drift but scratched out a few nice BFT. 1st place JP went to Craig Hansen with a 36.2-lb Bluefin Tuna, in 2nd place was Paul Zylstra with a 33.6-lber.

August 4, 2015

Trip 12-15 (3-day) 7/26-29/15

  We had some relatively slow fishing. The weather was a little glum with some choppy seas. Jackpots went to Nick Walker in 1st with a 21.8-lb Yellowtail and a tie for 2nd with 21.2-lbers between Chris Lee.

July 29, 2015

Trip 11-15 (3-day) 7/23-26/15

We had some good scratch fishing. The people were great and so was the weather. Jackpot went to Enrique Hernandez in 1st with a 27-lb Yellowtail, Scott Schell in 2nd with a 24-lber, and Mike Anania in 3rd with a 21-lb Yellowfin Tuna.

July 26, 2015

Trip 10 (2.5-day)

Fog and rain covered Day One. Day Two had beautiful weather but slow fishing. Dick Rhinehart’s group is always a blast. Things are in transition but it looks like lots of good fishing is coming.  

July 26, 2015

Trip 9-15 (Jan Ishii 4-day charter)

Another fun trip with the Jan Ishii group. We had great weather except for some rain one day and had steady fishing for quality 20-50 lb mixed tuna. Sashimi for all! Thank you to the Hutchinsons for keeping the group going. Jackpots went to Scott Piepmayer in 1st with a 50.6-lb Yellowfin Tuna, Darrel Odowd […]

July 19, 2015

Trip 8-15 (3-day)

Trip was slow with some small Yellowfin and somewhat choppy weather. The highlights were some quality Yellowtail on a few kelps. Congratulations Colin, good luck with your marriage. Jackpots went to Ron Rodarte with a 24.8-lb YT and close tie for 2nd between Matt Sharp and Dave Sherako with 24-lbers each.

July 15, 2015

Trip 7-15 (7/7-7/12) 5-day Report

Beauchamp 5-day back with quality Yellowtail fishing & finished by looking at large Bluefin tuna but no bites. Some nice Yellowfin & Bluefin tuna. Excellent weather. Jackpot winners were John Beauchamp in 1st with a nice 59.2-lb Yellowfin tuna and two 2nd place winners being Chong Chang with a 35.4-lb Yellowfin tuna and Jimmy Beauchamp with […]