Vagabond Hot Spots


Located 480 miles south of San Diego and 160 miles from Baja, Mexico, these three prominent rocks break the surface as the only visual sign that you’re there. Twelve miles to the southwest is a shallow known as Alijos Bank. Both areas are known for excellent yellowfin tuna, big yellowtail and seasonal wahoo fishing. Due to the remote location, fishing pressure is light. The world record yellowtail lives here! Yellowtail over 50 lbs. are often caught here and yellowfin tuna in the 50 lbs.-100 lbs. class are the norm. When you throw in dorado and wahoo for color and speed, the rocks are one of the premier destinations of the VAGABOND.


Approximately 220 miles south of San Diego and 150 miles from the Baja Coast lies an awesome sight – Guadalupe Island. “Lupe” is 20 miles long and 7 miles wide with cliffs rising thousands of feet from the sea floor. The highest part of the island towers over 4000 feet above sea level. Wild goats, giant elephant seals, a few lobster fisherman, and Mexican marines are the only inhabitants! The fishing here is generally for big bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, and calico bass. In the late summer through mid winter the great white sharks smile for your cameras on most trips. Between the fish, the island, and the sharks, a good camera is a must! Some of the more popular things about this island are fishing in the flat calm lee of the island, catching trophy fish, fishing around the clock, the amazing geology, and of course, the chance of seeing a giant great white shark in crystal clear blue water. The water is warm and clean most of the year and holds big yellowtail year round. July through December the yellowfin tuna fishing is at its best. It is said that giant bluefin tuna (over 200 lbs.) are always at or near the island.


A small island 150 miles down the Baja Coast from San Diego and just 4 miles off shore. Most of the fishing at San Martin is done 2 to 8 miles to the south of the island, on the many high spots and reefs. Two reefs, The Breakers and Bens Rock, actually break the surface at times. September through early March is prime time for yellowtail. Occasionally white seabass and calicos will bite at night so you will enjoy being anchored up in a sheltered cove next to the island. During the fall, the tuna often move in close, with yellowfin being caught on anchor at times. The bottom fish (great eating) are more than willing to fill slack time; all you need to do is drop a line. A great place for relaxing, plenty of action, and lots of time with line in the water.

Trip Descriptions

1-3 Days May-Nov

We mainly target what is known as the Outer Banks, up to 225 miles from San Diego. We locate Albacore, Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna, Yellowtail, and Dorado by trolling and spotting in the offshore waters. Most trips have great success with tuna, often with fish over 100 lbs.

1-3 Days Nov-May

This is Yellowtail season and is more coastal-type fishing, visiting places like Isolete, San Jose, Colnett and San Martin. During the winter, Yellowtail and White Seabass fishing can be at its best! Also you have excellent fishing for Calico Bass, Reds and Ling Cod to round your catch. Often the ocean is at her finest with sunny days and flat calm seas. A great trip with lots of fun and action for all.


These trips give you a lot of range from offshore to Hippolito, Guadalupe, San Benitos, Cedros Islands, and many other places as far as 450 miles on a 6 day trip. We often catch a large variety of fish such as all the Tunas, Yellowtail, and Dorado on the same trip. The 4 and 5 day trips generally fish offshore (up to 300 miles) in the summer and will often visit an island during the rest of the year. The 4 and half and 5 day Winter and Spring trips are designed to get lots of fishing time at various locations for Yellowtail, White Seabass and other coastal species. The Yellowtail at Cedros, San Benitos, and San Martin can be fantastic this time of year. We often get 4 days of fishing on these trips, if you like Yellowtail fishing this is a great trip and we get Tuna coming and going on occasion. The 5 day trip (Sept.-Dec.) is usually primetime at Guadalupe. The offshore fishing generally breaks up the trip with excellent Tuna and Dorado fishing coming and going. Once at the Lupe you have the opportunity to catch a Yellowtail of a lifetime or a Tuna over 100 lbs-and even get to see a great white shark! You will need a camera here. We offer some ultra limited load trips to make it even more special.


This trip has the option to fish hot spots such as Alijos Rocks, Uncle Sam Bank, the Ridge, Rosa Bank, Guadalupe, Benitos, Cedros, and Baja Coast to Abreaos or just about anywhere they are biting. Fish you can expect to catch are all the Tunas, Dorado, Grouper, Yellowtail, Seabass, and Wahoo. We offer Wahoo specials that are limited to 20 people and will target Wahoo. That’s not to say we won’t get lots of Yellowfin Tuna, Yellowtail, and Dorado also. A great trip in only a week’s time.


These trips have the longest range and most options. We visit all the previously mentioned hot spots plus Magdalena Bay, Thetis Bay, Potato, Morgan, Tussant, and Finger Banks. These trips are always limited load. We catch almost everything Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Albacore, Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Pargo, Grouper, Seabass, Amberjack, and occasionally release a few Marlin and Sailfish for fun. The ultimate trip for fishing and relaxation.


Ultra limited load, only 16 anglerS targeting Trophy Tuna. Anglers load gear in San Diego and fly into Loreto and are chauffeured to Mag Bay to meet the boat ready for 6 full days of fishing the World Record Cow Town. All this in only 7 days of your time. Includes: food, beverages, fishing gear (if needed), licenses, transportation to & from Loreto airport & 2 boxes of fillets, (ready to fly home with you). Not Included: airfare & gratuities.

We’ll keep enough fish for the fillets and anybody who wants a Trophy brought back, of course there will be a scale to weigh and your big fish. The rest will be catch and release or donated to the locals in Mag Bay.


Call and speak to Captain Lackey directly regarding these exclusive trips.