August 3, 2011

Passport Now Required on Guadalupe Trips


We are happy to be able to enjoy fishing Guadalupe Isle this season. The current access requires the boat to check in at Ensenada on the way down and back in on the way back.  In order to meet this requirement ALL PASSENGERS ABOARD MUST HAVE A VALID PASSPORT IN POSSESSION and we need to have your passport number and expiration date on our manifest approximately 2 weeks  prior to departure. If you do not possess a passport, please follow this link ( to apply immediately or visit your main post office.

Passports, Visas, Mexican Permits, and Guadalupe Permits (one bracelet for each day of fishing at Guadalupe) will be required by all passengers on all trips five days and longer from July 18th on that may go to Guadalupe.  This is a Homeland Security US and Mexico Customs and Immigration requirement to go to Guadalupe Island. As a passenger ALL you will need to acquire will be a passport.  We will acquire all other documents. Specific costs for your trip will be sent you prior to the trip and will be posted on our Next Trip Info window. Please check that window just prior to your trip.

The decision to go to Guadalupe will be made four to five days prior to departure.  This will give us time to prepare our forms, and notify our customs brokers, (US and Mexican), Department of Homeland Security, Customs, Immigration, Agriculture, and Coast Guard.

We are hoping to keep Ensenada down to one hour and San Diego down to a half hour.  There is no scheduled check in into Guadalupe, but we expect to be inspected by Conapesca and/or the Mexican Navy.

Our bait dying in Ensenada Harbor will not be an issue.  Ensenada Harbor is very clean, if not cleaner than San Diego Bay in the summer when there is no runoff.  It is also cooler than San Diego Bay and chance of red tide is slim in both bays this year with no El Nino.

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