Captain Mike Lackey, Owner / Operator

With over 30 years of experience, including 22 years at the helm of the Vagabond, Mike Lackey is a second-generation sportfishing captain. His father, Weldon Lackey, starting running boats in the ’50s and Mike was right alongside him as a baby. He caught his first albacore and bluefin when he was 6 years old and began working as deckhand at age 8. He learned that he enjoyed teaching people how to fish and how to have fun at it and earned his captain’s license at 19, the earliest age possible.


His love for fishing has taken him as a captain on the rough waters of San Francisco to the tropical Revillagigedo Islands and as far east as the rivers of Montana and Idaho as a fly-fishing guide. With San Diego as his homeport now, he has built a reputation for finding big bluefin that is unsurpassed!

Captain Gordon Lackey, Engineer

Captain David Caudle

Captain Cameron Cribben

David Thompson (GB), Chef

Deckhand James Rowe

Kyle Kingslinger, Engineer/Deckhand

Andrew Eastman and Phillip Huber, Deckhands

Luke Lackey, Pinhead

Craig Francis, Chef

Captain Justin Parker-Jackson