Trip Reports

November 14, 2017

Trip 34-17 5.5-Day JRI Lupe (11/6/17-11/12/17)

JRI put on another epic trip! Very good Guadalupe tuna fishing for fish in the 120 to 147-lb range. Everybody got in on the action. Cannot say enough about the quality of these fish, they put all the gear to the test. It was incredible how well our Penn Fathom 40 2-speeds are performing. We have them loaded […]

November 9, 2017

Trip 33-17 (10/27-11/6/17) 10-Day

We had great weather this 10-day trip, the sunrises and sunsets were magnificent against flat, calm seas. Good fishing for large Tuna and everybody got Wahoo and Ed Horne even picked up a large Shortbill  Spearfish. The Yellowtail were tough with a little bit coming from Alijos Rocks. Jackpot winners were Jim Pea with a 166-lber, Ralph […]

November 9, 2017

Trip 31 (10/7-10/18/17) JRI 8-Day

The JRI 8-Day did well on an 8 day trip with some nice Wahoo and Yellowtail, as well as some school size Yellowfin. Jackpot went to Tim and the Father/Son team of Nick and Matt took 2nd and 3rd place with some nice Wahoo. 

November 9, 2017

Henke Family Charter

The Henke Family Charter pulled it together, literally, by sharing the battle to boat 3 COWS at 204, 215, and a monster 248. Not bad for Bob at 90 plus years young. Great job by Captain Cameron and Crew.

November 9, 2017

Trip 27-17 (9/13-9/17/17)

Trip 27-17 (9/13-9/17/17) saw fair fishing on school Yellowfin Tuna and 6 Bluefin Beauties up 150 lbs.

September 1, 2017

Trip 23-17 (8/27-8/30/17) IWAMURA FAMILY CHARTER

Having Gary, family and friends out always makes for great trip. Add in  some quality BFT, excellent action on Yellowtail and Yellowfin and the 3-day trip  is complete. Weather was choppy day two but excellent the rest of the  trip. The group had 10 BFT, 4 over 100#, and jackpot at 146 lbs. Looking forward to seeing everybody […]

November 25, 2016

Trip 32 10/17-10/27/16 10-Day San Diego Anglers

The San Diego Anglers do again!! They knew how to handle the amazing Wahoo bite we got into, then lots of school tuna, and even a marlin for Marina. Good fishing every day with Yellowtail to finish it off. Always a great group put together by Dwayne P. and Debbie P. as the entertainment committee. Looking forward […]

August 29, 2016

Trip 21 8/21-8/24/16 3-Day Tuna

Good weather, great group, and sore muscles. We got a good biting school one morning, the catching was slow the day before–guys were using 30-lb and lots of heartbreak and or epic battles. We did land several nice fish 50 -80 lb class both Yellowfin & Bluefin–some larger ones escaped. The way to go on these fish is […]

August 26, 2016

Trip 20 8/18-8/21/16 3-Day Gibson Charter

The TJ Gibson charter found some nice Bluefin just a couple of hours out. We landed 3 largest–75 lbs and a 50-lb Yellowfin right there. The local tuna grounds slow day till 5_30 when we found a biting school of 50- to 80-lb mixed Tuna. The guys wanted to get some variety so we fished Yellowtail on our last day and […]

August 22, 2016

Trip 17 8/3-8/8/16 5-Day Penn Reels Trip

Our annual Penn 5-day trip left with nice load of bait and calm seas. We decided to try the Baja coast to  see if we could get a start on our Yellowfin. We managed a few nice fish but we had no current and made for slow fishing. A couple of the guys found some school 10- to […]