I have been fishing on the Vagabond with Mike for almost 20 years! Mike runs a great boat. Because I take my boys with me I can’t afford to take more than one long range trip a year. The Vagabond is my choice. My sons David and Matthew started fishing with me on the Vagabond when they were around 10. This year as always we had a great 5 day trip with limits of Yellows and between the three of us, 15 bluefin up to 52 pounds.

The Vagabond is not the biggest or fanciest boat in the fleet but I go fishing to catch fish and Mike catches fish. His crew is always very professional and I find the food to be excellent. Very important to me also is how Mike treats his customers. I like a captain who is outgoing, friendly, who is willing and able to talk to his customers. Mike has an open wheelhouse policy. You may go up anytime of the day and talk with him. Mike treats his customers with respect. It doesn’t matter if they are a first time customer or someone like myself who has been riding his boat for many years. I guess these are the reasons the Vagabond has so many repeat customers.

Nick Vanderdussen

Awesome trip! I can’t say enough about the Vagabond, Mike and the crew. One of the best operations around. The crew was great and did a fantastic job helping out inexperienced anglers.Can’t wait to try to jump on a trip in Aug with them.


Darren Brinkley

I’ve been fishing with Mike on the Vagabond since 1986.  That’s 26 years.  I’ve always had a great time fishing.  All of Mike’s people are helpful, respectful and are very customer oriented.  Food is always top notch and, of course, catching fish and having fun are job one.  Mike has a sixth sense when it comes to finding fish and I have never come home empty handed.  The crew always takes time for once a year fishermen like me and this is why I keep coming back to the Vagabond.  I’ve been on other boats but when I fish on the Vagabond it’s like coming home


Bob Camp

I want to thank you, Mike, and your great crew for another outstanding trip.  You made the right moves to get us some quality yellowtail and I know that all the guys went home happy to have some nice filets in their ice chests.  We all understood that you can’t catch what isn’t there, as in albacore and bluefin; but you made the perfect move to get us to Sacramento Reef and that yellowtail bite. Unseen by all the guys except me was the way you busted your butt at 2:30 in the morning to get us squid so we would have another option to go to try and catch more yellows, a stray wsb or black.  You came through; I don’t know how you do it; but the guys and I are so appreciative of the lengths you go to make our trip the best it can be.  It’s what brings us back year after year and we are already feeling great anticipation for what 2012 will bring.

Jan Ishii

Hey Vagabond family!  I’m so glad to hear about Jon Bell getting his license! He is one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure to fish with! (actually your entire staff is) I hope he has a long and successful career in the business . You guys have an awesome group of people in your operation and that is why I love fishing with you guys year after year!

Mike Graves

Mike and his crew are the best. Dedicated, unparallel fishing knowledge and superb individual! Goes out of his way to make every trip his best. Novice or Long Range expert, he treats everyone the same. And if you need any assistance, he or his crew are always there to assist.
Vagabond is an excellent fishing boat!

Mel Fai
Kahuna Bass